Taxonomic Swap 107540 (הועלה ב 2022-03-22)

In accord with AOS-NACC (Chesser et al. 2021b), change the scientific name of Spruce Grouse from Falcipennis canadensis to Canachites canadensis, based on genetic evidence that the inclusion of Spruce Grouse in Falcipennis creates a paraphyletic group (Kimball et al. 2011, Persons et al. 2016, Kimball et al. 2021).

Clements Checklist v2021 (ציטוט)
נוסף על־ידי birdwhisperer בתאריך מרץ 22, 2022 07:39 אחה"צ | אושר על ידי birdwhisperer בתאריך מרץ 22, 2022
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