Welcome again folks, I'm late again but only by a day. Twenty-four observations were added to the project during the week and though it's not a late, it's better than nothing. We just need to keep trying and getting more photos of raptors, whether it be the Turkey Vulture on the way to work, or a raptor survey on top of a mountain.

The observation of the week goes to @tbakeror for a sunlit female American Kestrel in Fields, Oregon. I've only been to Fields once but it is a fantastic place for raptors and passerines alike. I feel like I do a raptor survey at the oasis while sipping a Fields milkshake. Anyway, the kestrel is our smallest diurnal raptor and an excellent help in pest control as they feed on mice and insects. If you see a kestrel around, you know they're doing their job.


Next week should be good for raptors. Summer is ending and that means hawks are heading south. The other day, I saw a couple kettles mostly consisting of turkey vultures and Swainson's hawks, so it's coming. If farmers haven't plowed yet, continue going to that spot because when they do plow, the hawks will follow the tractor like a mother duck. Good luck to you all and have a good week!

פורסם על-ידי birdwhisperer birdwhisperer, ספטמבר 09, 2021 05:17 אחה"צ


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