Observations: April 24-27! Upload observations before May 3rd!

Hey all,

Just an FYI -- observations made on April 24-27 count for the city nature challenge, and you have until May 3rd to upload for them to count. The sooner you upload, the sooner folks can ID or verify too!

I've been taking quite a few photos, and I've still got a LOT of editing and cropping to do before I upload. After I upload, I'll be spending lots of time ID'ing stuff.

Here's the ID page for DFW observations:

Any little bit helps! :)

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Quick question, do you know if observations made with the seek app count towards the city nature challenge?

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Oooo -- that's a good question, Josh. I think only if they are 'converted' to iNat observations will they count. Observations made solely through seek won't count, only those that you 'convert' over...

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Thanks, I’ve never used Seek, but someone told me it’s more user friendly for new users than the iNaturalist app. Good to know.

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