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Landscape Architect and Master Planner by occupation (including natural resource management and planning); science and nature lover; iNaturalist hobbyist; he/him pronouns. I love learning about the natural world around me and helping to document it. Please feel free to comment on or correct my IDs if you think I made a mistake – I'm sure there are many, especially when going through many large batches!

✅ I reached my first personal goal of observing at least 1,000 unique species!
✅ I reached my second goal of at least 5,000 verifiable observations!
✅ It’s not an exciting observation, but with this observation I reached at least 2,000 unique species.
✅ Observe at least 100 species of Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)
✅ Have at least 10,000 verifiable observations.

⏹ Observe at least 200 species of Aves (birds)
⏹ Have at least 20,000 verifiable observations.
⏹ ONGOING: Have and maintain at least 2x as many identifications as observations.
Here's the top organisms in the DFW area that I have yet to observe. Another goal is to start knocking off some of these from the top.

Here are a few iNat tools & references I like to use:

🔎 Heat Map of my Observations (to see your own map, change the "user_id=" in the URL)
🔎 Heat Map of my Identifications (to see your own map, change the "ident_user_id=" in the URL)
🔎 How to use iNaturalist’s Search URLs - wiki

Here’s a larger version of my old profile picture (cartoon) for anyone that wants a larger copy. It is not my original work, credit on the image.
Easily Missed Species in the area

My favorite place is Benbrook Walnut Creek.
Observations at Place ID=180126
Here’s my iNat stats from 2023

I recently changed my username from jaquiring to observerjosh, something easier to share and for others to remember.

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