Nebraska Observations

Nebraska hasn't had much coverage. After all, only 4,000 Obs. or so have been entered. Now, this may seem like a lot, but unlike CA and TX, iNaturalist doesn't even begin to show the state's biodiversity. It would be excellent if some iNaturalists would add some observations here, but itwould be even better if we could get new users.

I have started a project called 150 Birds for 150 Years, and I have successfully brought in 2 new users. It would be really great if this project could get users to add large amounts of observations, and hopefully give iNaturalist some real coverage of the state! "Add some observations today!"

The 150 Birds project can be found here:

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Well done Danny !!

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Thanks @ellendale !

פורסם על-ידי danomaha לפני בערך 7 שנים

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