Unfortunately, the war continues.
So I'm tweaking the projects in Inaturalist.
I also created a new project for the third year of the war.

For comparisons we have:
A) 1 year before the war,
B) 1st year of war,
C) 2nd year of war, and now unfortunately
D) 3rd year of war.
I also created an UMBRELLA project including these 4 projects. So it is possible to compare results of 2 YEARS OF WAR project with the ONE YEAR BEFORE project.
Number of Participants:
2nd YEAR OF WAR = 2.500 iNaturalists (Observers)
1th YEAR OF WAR = 2.712 iNaturists (Observers)
ONE YEAR BEFORE = 3.955 iNaturalist (Observers)
The reduction of population also is observed in the reduction of the number of iNaturalist, including new members.

Number of Observations:
2nd YEAR OF WAR = 285.997 Observations
1th YEAR OF WAR = 210.770 Observations
ONE YEAR BEFORE = 263.772 Observervations
In the 2nd year we see an increase in the number of observations.

Number of Species identified:
2nd YEAR OF WAR = 12.191 species
1th YEAR OF WAR = 10.920 species

ONE YEAR BEFORE = 10.322 species
In the 2nd year we see an increase in the number of species identified.

During the war, the quality of observations increased causing a larger number of species identified, even though they had 2/3 of participants.

The resilience of the Ukrainian naturalists led in the second year to a greater number of observations and a greater number of identified species, even with a reduced number of participants.

I in Brazil, like other iNaturalists around the world, have no idea what it's like to make records in the midst of war.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to open the third year of resistance project.
Please also join as a member of this third project!

I want a ceasefire to be negotiated as soon as possible and for peace to return to the full territory of Ukraine.
I'm praying for you and for Ukraine!

Eric Fischer, from Brazil

One Year Before :
1st Year of War:
2nd Year of War:

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