Here We Go!

It is just a few minutes before 7 PM on Friday night. Our plant identification marathon is about to start!

Right now, there are 1,568,580 plant observations needing IDs in New England and New York. Our goal is to make a noticeable dent in this number in 48 hours. With 67 project members (!!), to reduce this Needs ID pile by 1% or 15,686, each of us only needs to make 235 or so IDs that move an observation to Research Grade or Casual (and there need to be no new plant observations). I think that's doable!

Here's a link to all of the plant observations needing IDs:,48. Ignore that iNat says New England in the Place box at the top of the grid of observations; the fact that place_id=52339,48 is in the URL means that this link includes both New England (52339) and New York (48).

I've added some observations to the project that seemed interesting to me (and were beyond my botanical skills). Have a look at them if you get a chance, and feel free to add others that might interest everyone.

I'll be back now and then with progress/cheerleading posts. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves, learn something, ask questions whenever you need to, remember to filter and tag others, and take a break now and then. And thank you so much for participating!

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Thank you, Lynn!

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You're welcome, @cobrien207! I hope you have fun!

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