Molt Progression of a Snow Goose x Brant Hybrid in Southern Massachusetts

4 November, 2023 - The date this individual was first found. Some lighter feathers around the eyes and base of the bill but possibly not quite white.

11 November, 2023 - Some white around and underneath the eyes and possibly at the base of the bill.

24 November, 2023 - More white around eyes and base of bill.

27 November, 2023 - More white in the same areas and now more extensively on the cheeks and face.

7 December, 2023 - White all over the cheeks, around eyes, and at the base of the bill. Possibly some white starting to appear on the neck as well.

14 December, 2023 - Extensive white on face and neck.

17 December, 2023 - At this point the darker areas of the head/neck are restricted to a messy area of the cheek, and the darker cap.

6 February, 2024 - Mostly white head with limited dark smudging on face and dark cap.

4 March, 2024 - Possibly not much change?

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