Anemone season...yes, already!

Anemone season peaks in March, but this year it started in November! What I mean is that one species of Anemone has been seen blooming this year starting November 28th, A. edwardsiana, spotted by @bachusrock. The previous "record" for early bloom in this species was January 20th, 2019.

Soooo, be on the lookout!

Here's my Anemone guide (focused on Texas).

These graphs show phenology of Anemones in Texas.

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So i need to keep an eye out for A. okennonii at my lease in Kent/Stonewall counties. Kent is the county up against your Garza records at Alan Henry..

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Yes, next to nothing is known about this species. I found it on or adjacent to north facing slopes in Garza county.

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Graphs broken? I just see a broken image graphic.

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Added link...not sure if the pic of the graphs will stay visible.

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I scoped out one of my normal spots for A. berlandieri in Williamson county, and there was no signs of flowering yet, though with the recent warm weather who knows if they might flower a bit early this year.

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