Moving to OC!

Journals? Oh yeah, that's a thing that exists.

Anyways, so I recently moved from Agoura Hills all the way down to Irvine in Orange County. I'll sure miss having the Santa Monicas on my doorstep but Irvine does put me much closer to other equally cool sites from the San Gabriels to the San Jacintos.

So, anyone around this area have any suggestions for cool spots to visit? There's a lot to choose from judging by the map.

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Welcome to Orange County!

Doubt you will have too much trouble finding interesting places, although it is getting to be the tail end of the season for most places near Irvine. The Hills around Laguna and the Cleveland National Forest are the obvious choices in your backyard.

This late, the higher elevations such as the San Gabriels are starting to make more sense. I am Hoping to make it to Icehouse Canyon Trail sometime in the next few weeks.

Also, I am finding that wherever you can access the Pacific Crest Trail, it is really impressive. Much of it is going to get really hot soon though.

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Yes I thought as much! It is the start of a hot, long summer indeed.

Do you know where I can hook up with the Dudleyas? You guys have a few neat ones that should be peaking right now.

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Chalk and lanceleaf dudleya should be easy enough to find. Others will take some work. I haven't found any very close to you but I did find a nice population of Dudleya multicaulis which as far as I can tell was unreported. I also found some Dudleya densiflora which are likely planted but are probably at least planted from local survivors.

@ronvanderhoff is always posting really neat pictures of Dudleya on his facebook page. If you are really persuasive, it might be possible to get him to assist.

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That I'll do. Dudleya are my favourite genus of plants!

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I know I am going to miss trying to follow in your footsteps! Thank you for all the effort you put into documenting what you have found. Good luck on your new endeavor!
I did find a Dudleya I had never seen before, perhaps a Blochmans Dudleya (Dudleya blochmaniae) at Broome Ranch overlooking Sycamore Canyon.

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@charlie It is permanent for now!

No problem! Hope I helped out some people. I will continue to curate the project and I'll offer what I can. Once I have a driver's license maybe I can return for a few visits...

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Oh, I didn't see that! I confess a tiny bit of sadness because you were my living vicariously in the Santa Monicas flora. That being said you had already gotten a lot of observations now and now you have a whole new area. Those areas up by Trabuco/Holy Jim, Mojeska, and Silverado canyons are all great.

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and the Santa Anas are way under-inatted

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Yeah there is a disappointing lack of observations from this area!

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that's going to change! And i will help with ID verification some though i don't know that area as well as the santa monicas

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Welcome! I live in Lake Forest and appreciate all you have contributed to the iNaturalist app! I just downloaded this app from a reco from a botanist client of mine.

I hike once a week in the Santa Ana Mts. Check out my naturalist buddy, Joel Robinson at My website is

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