A Mother Mouse

'Twas a cold and foggy night. I was out, looking for snakes. I never would have been able to predict the events of that night.

I was looking under some logs and rocks. I had probably been looking for a few hours, with little success. I came close to a log pile I had not searched yet, and begin looking. It wasn't long before I saw movement.

At first, it was just a leafy rustle and a slithering tail: the creature went under another log. I rolled that log over, and underneath was a small, furry little mouse. I was surprised, but pleased nonetheless. I gently captured the mouse in a small, breathable container, and brought it to my base for observation. I had not been planning to keep the mouse for more than a few minutes after observation.

I am no mouse expert. I am a snake and reptiles person. I didn't know that the mouse was female, or that she was pregnant.

She gave birth the moment I placed her in a large box.

I didn't know what to do! I did what I could, placing a good amount of straw, wood chips, and leaves for her to make a nest with.

As I placed the materials in the nest, the mother mouse ran around the box, frightened. The baby mice (pups) were scattered all over the box. There were about 8 of them!

I placed a small watering tin in the box, and then closed it. I was pretty worried!

I came out again, at close to 11 pm. The air was chilly, and there was a slight breeze. I opened the box, and was amazed at what I saw: the mother mouse had made a small nest in the center of the box, and held all of her pups tightly, right next to her. It dawned on me how loving these animals can be, and how important they are to each other.

The next day, I brought some food for them. As you'll recall, the night before, before she had given birth, the mother mouse fled from my hand. Now, when I lowered my hand to drop the food in, the mouse placed herself between my hand and her pups: defending them.

I had never had any real experience with mice before this: They are generally thought of as property destroyers, and pests. I know better now.

Because of this experience with this mother mouse and her pups, I have grown to like mice. They can be a nuisance to people, but they are just trying to survive. After realizing how caring, protective, and wonderful these rodents are, I do all I can to help them.

My encouragement to all is, if you encounter mice in your house, lure them into a bucket or a box, and release them in the wild: I urge you not to kill them. They are devoted and loving creatures, and more than worthy of our respect!

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Not my usual reptilian post, but this animal was definitely worth the time I spent on it. Please read my latest post, "The Wonderfully Caring and Protective Mother Mouse"; it’s an amazing story!


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