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Another belated weekly post but this week I've been camping and enjoying the outdoors. It's just I don't have the luxury of getting the whole week off like the rest of my family, so I'm writing this post before I go into work. This seems to be the week of feathers as we add 20 more observations to the project, still below what I want but better than last week.

The observation of the week goes to @eraskin for his fantastic photo of an adult Bald Eagle from the Okanagan region. This county is fantastic for raptors because it's final stretch of lowlands separating the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains. Geographically, the Okanagan valley and adjacent mountains is the spot for many vagrant "eastern" species who's ranges end along the Alberta Rockies. If said vagrants jump a mountain pass, they are bound to be funneled into this region. This area is also where I suspect nearly all western US Broad-winged Hawks come from as they have to decide whether to follow the Cascades down south or the Rocky Mountains. Though Bald Eagles are residential birds, they take advantage of this fantastic area. You can see the photo here:


We need a couple more sightings per week birders. I will try hard to get photos when I get back to the campground after work but our local goshawk is being very uncooperative. Also my focus has been on the local crossbills in the area as I try recording my life Type 4 (Douglas-Fir) Crossbills as often as possible. I will be taking a hike tomorrow up high into the Wallowa Mountains so who knows what kind of raptors will show up. Good luck to you all!

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