Sorting the genus Cornus into subgenera

Genus Cornus

This post was originally intended to be a wiki to facilitate the organization of the genus Cornus into subgenera, following a flag which sought to bring together the "dwarf dogwoods" under their subgenus in order to allow for identifiers to offer a narrower ID for the often indistinguishable Cornus canadensis and Cornus unalaschkensis, but which separates them from the trees and shrubs which make up much of the genus.

Qiu-Yun (Jenny) Xiang's 2006 paper (ref 1) appears to be the most recent and most complete treatment of the genus Cornus which includes information on the widely-used subgenera. The authors note that the present division of the subgenera is imperfect, however it is what we have to work with and if is revised in the future, changes can be dealt with then.

One additional group may be required for hybrids which involve parent species from two different subgenera, or otherwise they can be left directly below the genus.

Species List

Current (iNat)

List of species currently listed on iNaturalist. Some species appear to be duplicates. Once merged, please strike the synonym from the list with tildes.

Possible Synonyms

These entries appear to be synonyms of other species. Once merged, please strike the synonym from the list with tildes.

  • Cornus alpina
  • Cornus japonica

Possible Additions

Species not presently included on the list. Once added, please strike the entry from the list with tildes.

  • Cornus austrosinensis
  • Cornus oligophlebia
  • Cornus quinquenervis
  • Cornus eydeana
  • Cornus × rutgersensis

Subgroups & Subgenera

Qiu-Yun (Jenny) Xiang's 2006 paper breaks the genus into 4 clades which contain a total of 10 subgenera. I've organized the species following her arrangement.

I. Blue- or White-fruited Dogwoods



  • POWO: synonym of Cornus macrophylla var. macrophylla

  • Cornus amomum

  • Cornus asperifolia

  • Cornus austrosinensis (Add to iNat)

  • Cornus bretschneideri

  • Cornus drummondii

  • Cornus excelsa

  • Cornus foemina

  • Cornus glabrata

  • Cornus hemsleyi

  • Cornus koehneana

  • Cornus macrophylla

  • ~~Cornus microcarpa~~ (Synonym used in ref-1)

  • Cornus obliqua

  • Cornus oligophlebia (Add to iNat)

  • Cornus quinquenervis (Add to iNat)
    • NOT ON iNAT.
    • POWO: accepted species
    • Synonyms: Cornus paucinervis & Swida paucinervis

  • Cornus racemosa

  • Cornus rugosa

  • Cornus sanguinea

  • Cornus schindleri

  • Cornus sericea

  • Cornus walteri

  • Cornus wilsoniana

  • Cornus × arnoldiana

  • Cornus × friedlanderi

  • Cornus × slavinii

  • Mesomora

    II. Cornelian Cherries



    • Cornus eydeana (Add to iNAT)

    • POWO: accepted species

    • GBIF: accepted species

    • Cornus mas

    • Cornus officinalis

    • Cornus sessilis

    • Sinocornus

      • Cornus chinensis : (Add to iNAT)

      • GBIF: accepted species

      • POWO: accepted species. Has several synonyms & subspecies.

      • III. Big-bracted Dogwoods




      • GBIF: Synonym of Cornus kousa subsp. kousa

      • POWO: Synonym

      • Cornus multinervosa

      • IV. Dwarf Dogwoods

        Arctocrania (Dwarf Dogwoods)

        V. Intrer-Clade Hybrids?

        • Cornus × rutgersensis (Add to iNat?)

        • POWO: This species is an artifical hybrid

        • Hybrid: C. florida × C. kousa

        • Cornus × acadiensis

        • Subgenus not specified

        • POWO: accepted species

        • Cornus iberica

        • Cornus meyeri

        • References

          1. Qiu-Yun (Jenny) Xiang, David T. Thomas, Wenheng Zhang, Steven R. Manchester, Zack Murrell, Species level phylogeny of the genus Cornus (Cornaceae) based on molecular and morphological evidence—implications for taxonomy and Tertiary intercontinental migration, Taxon, 2006, 9-30. DOI: 10.2307/25065525. PDF
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