My walking goals, and Millersburg

So this is kind of a long story:

My earliest memories are of Battle Ground, Washington, where I lived from the time I was 2 to the time I was 8. When I was 8, my family moved to somewhere close to Salem. In my teens and twenties, being very energetic, I walked around both areas. Sometime in my 30s, I looked at a map and realized there were only a few gaps in the places I have walked. So I set out to walk them. Usually along just normal rural and suburban roads. Maybe someday, Oregon will have a walking path from Portland to Eugene!

So anyway, between Battle Ground, Washington, and Corvallis, Oregon, where I live now, I had walked every mile, except for a six mile stretch, from near Jefferson, to Albany. So last Friday, I rode my bicycle to Jefferson, and then walked back to Albany. It was only six miles or so, and took me about two hours. And of course, I had already bicycled the route---but I wanted to walk it, too.

It was also not an extremely scenic route. At least conventionally. Millersburg is a city right north of Albany that was incorporated mostly as an industrial city. It has several heavy industrial plants within city limits---metal working and wood product processing. So after a small walk through fields, I spent most of it walking through an industrial city. One thing about industrial areas is that at times, they can have more wildlife than "natural" areas, because industry tends to discourage people. For example, while not extremely rare, I did see a heron, just sitting in a big pond across from a factory. And I haven't seen any herons in months, despite visiting a lot of natural areas and wildlife refuges!

So anyway, while unspectacular on the surface, I liked taking this walk. I hope to see a lot more of the Willamette Valley this way.

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I haven't seen one of these for a while, and I have been to a lot of big, natural areas. And yet I find this one right by the roadside in an industrial area. Not an unusual story.


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