Pretty big news for Sammy boy! TPWD job!

So, I have some fairly exciting news -- I got a new job! Not to say that I have been unhappy in the least in my current job as the 'nature guy' for the city of Mansfield, but this new job will hopefully extend a bit of my reach, and that's a good thing. I'll be a Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Biologist for Dallas/Fort Worth! My job will still be geared towards my life goal: to promote an awareness and appreciation of the flora and fauna in and around DFW. I foresee some really interesting challenges in the new job, and I'm really quite excited. And yes, I'll still be posting observations and cluttering up dashboards here on iNat. :)

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Wow! TPW and DFW both have a great new asset! So proud for you Sam.

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Congratulations, Sam! That's awesome! I think we'll all benefit for your expanded professional reach :-)

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Wonderful news, congratulations, Sam!

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Darn! I'd hoped they'd pick me... ;-)


(@greglasley, As we all know, when dealing with Sam, a proper grammatical use is three exclamation points in a row, not four.)

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Congrats!!! Do you know the Texas Children in Nature Group in the area? I'll get you contacts if you need them!

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I am very happy for you Sam. They picked a great person.
I hope the new job turns out to be as good as you would wish it to be.

And most of all, I hope you will have a nice boss there, which I believe is the make-or-break thing in any job.

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Wow, congratulations Sam. Hope it's an awesome setup.

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Yes!!! (only 3) Sam is the Man for the Job!!! It was all those sweet comments to children you've made after Christmas about their fine new bikes = that gave you extra credit, Congratulations.

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Aw shucks. Thanks, friends. :) Chuck is right -- usually a three exclamation point ending suffices... But in this case, I will definitely accept four. :) I'm super excited!!!(!)

One of the big things that helped me get this job is my presence/obsession with iNaturalist. It has strengthened my knowledge of the local flora and fauna in an exponential fashion. I love it! :)

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Congrats Sam, and welcome to the Department. Will you be taking over Brett's territory, Derek's, or both? My office is the old hatchery in Fort Worth. Either way, you'll have to come by for a visit! Tons of cool stuff to see on our 63 acres nestled right below the Lake Worth Dam along the West Fork. Tom Hungerford, TPWD Inland Fisheries Biologist. 817.732.0762. Take care!

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Congrats Sam! That's awesome. Big shoes to fill in Derek's place. ;) Will you be in the Cedar Hill office or someplace else? either way... WOOOOHOOOOO

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Congrats on the new gig, Sam!

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Congrats!!! It's so great to get paid for doing what you are already passionate about.

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That is fantastic news Sam! Congratulations!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Does Central Texas have someone like you also?

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Congratulations Sam. It's always great when you can have a job that you really like. Hope it works out as well as expected.

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Congratulations, Sam - that's great news!!!

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Congratulations Sam as I am just reading this late tonight. I look forward to working more with you in your new role.

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That's wonderful, Sam! Congratulations!

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Wow fantastically great! Be great to have you out this way :-)

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Exciting news! Congrats!

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congrats! all your hard work is paying off!

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Congratulations. That's excellent news.

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don't know how I missed this post, congratulations Sam!!!! Whatever it is you are doing there, I know you will do it with passion and light some fires in other people about nature.

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