Link love: stuff you might like too

I've come across several different resources in the last week or so that I think many other iNaturalists might find interesting/useful. Enjoy!

Plant-O-Matic app (for iOS)

Monarch SOS (iOS app that shows you how to ID monarchs at each stage of the lifecycle and milkweed, too!)

Using BioBlitz as the foundation of semester-long inquiry-based science with undergrads: (Fabulous resources created by iNat user Kelly O'Donnell)

Smartphone apps for field biologists

Bumble Bees of the Western United States (pdf)

Workshop in Florida to learn about bark and ambrosia beetles

And while I'm at it, I should also add a link to the 3 biodiversity scavenger hunts that we've created for the Great Nature Project.

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Great bookmark-worthy links! I especially like the Bioblitz one -- and of course the GNP missions. ;)

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Wow, great links! Thanks Carrie! :)

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Also, this! Check out their app:

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That MOL site is quite cool -- looks like they've been using observations from iNat (that go to GBIF) as well. Awesome. :)

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