Winter is not that bad.

Obviously, winter (for us in the Northern Hemisphere) is a slower time here on iNaturalist. Observations dip downwards. The most colorful and fun aspects of the natural world are gone.

But there is still a lot going on! By having less to focus on, I am finding things I might not think about otherwise. Like many people, I had always thought of fungi as just kind of there. Now, in winter, with the plant life fading away and many birds and animals dormant or absent, I am noticing a lot of fungi. Also a lot of animal detrivores: millipedes and woodlice are cleaning up what was left by the autumn.

There are also more flowers than I remember. Part of that might be climate change, but here in the Willamette Valley, even after some nights of frost, we still have dandelions and daisies out. I am keeping a record of just how long they will continue to appear.

I think that the main reason for a dip in observations in these months is probably not because there isn't things to observe---there is still much to observe--- but because people are less inclined to travel and go outside, and also because shortened daylight makes observing more difficult.

But thanks to inaturalist, I am realizing just how much is still going on in the winter!

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