Bentleigh W.

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Hobbiest lepidopterist and casual nature photographist from Saskatchewan. I focus mostly on moths, but have an interest in bugs of all kinds and nature in general!

I used to submit to BAMONA (same username), but I take too many pictures so I stopped submitting to avoid spamming verifiers with unidentified sightings. I'm hoping I can upload those photos for review here first, and eventually revive my account there by cross-posting my sightings.

Currently making my way through adding a few years' backlog of moth pics, as well as new ones of more taxa variety. Feel free to message me for anything. Will probably use the site on and off as my interest fluctuates.

I only have my phone, but I try to take really nice pictures! Feel free to contact me if you want them for something, but please don't use without permission first. The bird pictures are mostly all terrible but I do my best.

I typically post from the iNat app. I always do my best to vet suggestions before posting anything, but I follow up on corrections to past IDs I've made when necessary. :-)

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