Wilderness Safaris Botswana - Conservation Team

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The Wilderness Safaris Botswana Conservation Team is responsible for: (1) ensuring that the business is environmentally sustainable by reducing our foot print on the wilderness areas in which we operate ; (2) conducting the ongoing biomonitoring within our area of operations; (3) supporting and facilitating visiting scientists conducting research from our remote camps and; (4) facilitating a multitude of special projects to protect and conserve our areas of operation including our Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project . We work closely with many government departments, local and international universities, NGO’s and independent researchers/conservationists.

Observations from within our concessions can be seen here. To date over 1100 observations have been made in our concessions of more than 430 species, which include 56 dragonflies and damselflies, 51 moths and butterflies, 43 beetles – including 14 dung beetles, 38 fish, 21 ants, 17 bugs, 11 gastropods, 19 reptiles, 9 frogs and 83 species of wetland/riparian plants.

To further support research and conservation Wilderness Safaris formed the independent Wilderness Wildlife Trust. This trust supports conservation and research projects which meet our conservation goals and objectives.

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