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I am a seventeen-year-old naturalist from the Chicago suburbs and central Wisconsin, my main interests are birds and flower flies (syrphidae) but botany, tiger beetles, and butterflies are close behind.

My birding career ignited in 2013 when I encountered a flock of fascinating ducks (probably Ring-necked) land at the lake behind my cabin, from then on I'd never look at birds the same way again. A couple of years ago I found iNat, it allowed me to venture into a completely new realm of creatures, now, not only would I look at birds, but anything that crossed my path! I love sharing my passion with others and have actively contributed to the community by creating and maintaining a birding club, running the Chicago City Nature Challenge, making high-quality identifications on iNat, as well as attempting to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for nature with everyone!

BTW, you might see a ”?” in the description of my observations, this means it's a tentative ID (usually when I’m batch uploading obs and don’t feel like putting in ”tentative ID”)

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