Max Roberts

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I am a...

• wildlife enthusiast (herper/birder/mammaler/all of the above)
• curious naturalist
• nature photographer
• scientist-in-training
• jazz saxophonist
• undergraduate student at UC Santa Barbara (zoology major)
• Southwestern Herpetologist Society member

I have been a...

• Briggs Lab field technician and lab assistant
• Snowy Plover Docent/Reserve Intern at Coal Oil Point Reserve
• Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) volunteer
• Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association general volunteer
• Los Angeles Zoo student keeper

I like to conduct personal field projects and have studied...

• the wildlife in my backyard (
• the cover object microclimate niches of common reptile and amphibian species in Coastal Southern California.
• the presence of different mammal species in various habitats in Southern California through the use of camera traps

Nature Photography Website:

For identification, I am mostly familiar with...

• reptiles and amphibians
• birds
• medium-sized and large mammals
• terrestrial vertebrates in California, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida.

Mention me (@tothemax) if you would like my input on an observation or need a response from me. If you don't do this and do not make a comment separate from an identification, I will likely not see that you are trying to get my attention.

Fields of Interest: Field Zoology, Field Herpetology, Field Ornithology, Field Mammology, Community Ecology, Ethology (Animal Behavior), Conservation Biology, Environmental Studies, Systematics of Evolution, Population Studies

Favorite ways to experience nature:

• Taking a morning hike in SoCal chaparral
• Waking up in Sonoran Desert scrub
• Seeing a whale breach
• Encountering a rattlesnake (so long as all ends well!)
• Watching a hunt, whether successful or unsuccessful
• Canoeing in the rivers and swamps of Central Florida
• Walking amongst the nesting herons and egrets during Florida's Summer nesting season
• Walking down a nature boardwalk in the swamp
• Flipping cover objects to find herps and other critters (You never know what you are going to find. Just make sure you put everything back the way you found it!)
• Searching for snakes, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates in California's creeks
• Searching for lizards in the desert
• Looking out across Lamar Valley and watching the bison and wolves
• Seeing a Golden Eagle soar overhead
• Encountering a wild bear
• Watching a Short-eared Owl fly over open grassland
• Seeing migrant birds pass through the desert during the spring

For those who plan on using my observations...

• I try to include as much information as possible about how may individuals were seen in a given area and how they were detected when that is not obvious in the photos. This is meant to improve data quality and increase the number of ways that the data can be used. Please let me know if you have any questions about my observation notes or have suggestions for future observations.
• I also use Herpmapper ( and update my Herpmapper observations on a biannual basis, so most of my reptile and amphibian observations can also be found there.
• I am in the process of uploading some of my reptile and amphibian observations (but not all) on NAHERP (
• I use EBird to occasionally record full bird walks that I go on. I tend to use INaturalist when I am not counting every bird I see or hear (

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