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We were all rookies at identification, and we learn as we go from others with knowledge. I want you to know that it is my pleasure to click "AGREE" with you're ID, I love people trying there best to get it right. Also I do see your thank you's but do to me doing 30-200 ID's most nights, I just don't have time to respond, but know I see it, and apriciate your thank you's.

If I moved your sample from your [genus/species] pick back to genus it is because there is not enough evidence of species so it must return to genus or even back to family. I have great respect for those that try this ID process.

Attention to members information you should know; The only away to be 100% sure of an ID is if someone like myself handles the sample and microscopically identifies it to species and or synonym. I have been handling Ephemeroptera daily since 2010 and I am personally connected to all the world authorities to help me if need. Identification by photo is problematic for many reasons, therefor latitude must always be considered. If you need help, email me.

Currently I am writing a revision paper for the genus Stenacron that addresses the interpunctatum complex. The biosystematics paper is also underway for the genus Leucrocuta 2025. As it stands there are no true larva descriptions across the Leucrocuta genus.

Heptageniidae quick link.

Leucrocuta quick link.

My Feb 2021 paper; Taxonomic Dissection charts of the larvae Maccaffertium and Stenonema.

My Jan 2021 paper Heptagenia pulla larva.

My December 2020 paper on Maccaffertium vicarium complex;

My book on Stenacron 2020

Area of specialties HEPTAGENIIDAE;
Anepeorus, Cinygma, Cinygmula, Ecdyonurus, Epeorus, Heptagenia, Ironodes, Leucrocuta, Maccaffertium, Macdunnoa, Nixe, Raptoheptagenia cruentata, Rhithrogena, Spinadis simplex, Stenacron,Stenonema.

Leucrocuta petersi larva description.

Last collections for leucrocuta jewetti

Mayfly centeral

Luke Jacobus must read.

Traver JR; Edmunds GF Jr. 1967. A revision of the genus Thraulodes

Diphetor hageni + larva.

Provonchsa 1990 Caeniidae revision

Provonchsa & MaCafferty Amercaeins ridens

Provonchsa & MaCafferty Amercaenis cusabo

Funk & Sweeny Eruylophella Larva.

apobaetis/ porcloeoids/ paracloeon/ procloeon/ cloeon,

Mcc Pentagena

Biosystematics of Danella Mcc

Mcc / Nixe / Leucrocuta, hepta / larva

Moribaetis mimbresaurus mexico

Caenis arwini / Texas

Dicrephemera new subgenus of Ephemera

Baetis mimbresaurus SW NA

Moribaetis macaferti Mexico-SA

NA / Baetis macdunnoughi Ide

Baetiods in Texas

Phylogenetics and the classification of the Timpanoga complex

Systematics and biology of Acentrella turbida

Western Rhithrogena

Alemletus revision

Mcd Ameletus 1936 suffusus

Eurylophella larva Funk and Sweeney

Dr Jeff Webb 2002 Masters thesis text part 1 and 2. in this link there is the appendices and all the figures is the first, the second is the text description. Jeff said yes please share it.

Heptageniidae of EU

F P Ide 1937 Baetis manual

Spieth 1941 Hexagenia manual

Isonychia manual;

Berner 1948; Isonychia tusculanensis Berner, 1948 [USA:SE]

Ecdyonurus; spain.

Jeff Webb 2008 Heptagenia of the world part II, PhD thesis

Bednarik & MaCafferty 1979 biosystematics of Stenonema and and now Maccaffertium mayflies;

Lewis P A 1974; the taxonomy and ecology of stenonema mayflies;

Fly Fishing Entomology spicies update;

Afrotropical and Oriental Genus Afrunus

Callibaetis / SW America / nsp C distinctus

Texas Baetidae / Callibaetis

Webb 2006; Compsoneuria

Webb 2003 Heptagenia adaequata

Webb 2007 Heptagenia Walshi

Webb 2007; Heptageniidae of Borneo

Webb 2006; Epeorus aculeatus, oriental range

Webb 2007; NE; Epeorus

Cloeodes of Argentina 2008 Carolina Nieto*

Carolina Nieto* September 2008 Callibaetis larva / adults south America

Callibaetoides of Mexico 2013 Paulo Vilela Cruz

Ephemeroptera thalerospyrus; Chonlakran Auychinda 1 , Luke M. Jacobus 2 , Michel Sartori 3,4 and Boonsatien Boonsoong July 2020;

Heptageniidae of Thailand

New Zealand; Leptophlebiidae

Costa Rica Leptphlebiidae / genus Ulmeritoides

American genus Farrodes Leptophlebiidae CA

European Heptagenia

Maccaffertium lenati

Keys to NA mayfly larva

Mayflies of florida, Lewis Berner

Beaty 2010 mayflies on NC

Keys to mayflies of florida larva

Flowers 1980 Heptageniidae split / Heptagenia / Leucrocuta / Nixe

Funk $ Sweeney 1994 Eurylophella larva

BD Burks 1953 Ephemeroptera of Illinois

Burain Epeorus frisoni 2008

SK Burian 2002 Eurylophella coxalis

BD Burks 1946 new Heptageniidae

McDounngh 1925 Epeorus

2003 Chinese Ephemera

Important Chinese Epeorus melli 2007;

Important Heptageniidae of Korea;

McDounngh 1933 nepotellum / mediopunctatum

F P Ide 1935; post embryonic study of larvae development;

Anepeorus larva; Beckett 1977.

Baetidae keys;

Stonefly website.

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