Joseph McPhail

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Friends and others who know me as the Bird Nerd, the Rubix Cube Guy, and the person they know that has OCD. Feel free to call me Joe, Jojo, or Joseph as the later is my name.

For now I am taking a pause from identifying and will continue this pause for an undecided length of time. So to those who may be visiting my page to see why I'm not responding to a possible misidentification or a question on a observation, I appologize for not responding/changing ID. Having ID'd many thousands of observations in the past, I get a proportionally large number of notifications that I ignore in favor of notifications regarding my own observations. A direct message is the best way to grab my attention to an observation!

I also speak serveral languages at varing degrees:
-English {Native/Fluent}
-French {Proficient/Advanced}
-Italian {Conversant/Intermediate}
-Spanish {Conversant/Intermediate}

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