Cheryl King

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I was born and raised in Lee County Texas. And raised on a 350 acre ranch. We own property with the Middle Yegua Creek running through the back of the property with 2 lakes on the property, Mourn Lake and Little Lake, both are natural lakes and the bottom area of our property has the Yegua Creek running through it that we have kept wil!d for the wildlife. We have deer, bobcat, beaver, otter, mink, lots of wild hogs and even big cats. Since it doesn't snow much in Central Texas, we are out in it if it does, we found black bear track in the snow and I know lots of people will say, "No You didn't!". Sorry but YES we did. So I hav e come across lots of animals some people say are not there, but if you have deep thickets like we have kept for wildlife and the water ways, YES WE DO HAVE THESE ANIMALS. And now we are seeing Bald and Golden eagles.

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