Silas Eckhardt

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I'm a high schooler, based in the Richmond/Chesterfield area, Virginia. I am what I believe is called an "amateur entomologist".

I collect insects (as specimens)! That's pretty central to what I do with insects. I mostly focus on beetles these days, but in the past have been interested in ants and wasps. I'm not sure yet what group of beetles I'll focus on, but I'm intersted so far in Buprestids, Cerambycids, Curculionoids (Anthribids, Attelabids, Curculionids, etc.), and Scarabeoids (Scarabeidae, Trogidae, Geotrupidae, and so on).

I like to take nature photos in my free time. I am borrowing my grandma's Nikon HDSLR 3200 while I save up for my own camera. I'll buy a Nikon D5200. I've got a USB-microscope I use to take close-ups of smaller insects.

I am also a (less avid) bird watcher, lizard and snake enthusiast, and botanist. I like to study the relationships between certain insects and plants. I like to look at the plants I have in my back yard, and observe (and collect) what insects are associated with which plants. For example, I have Asiatic Dayflower in my backyard. I also have two beetles that are associated with that plant, the Six Spotted Neolema, and Oulema melanoplus. I live in a city (North Church Hill, Richmond, VA), so it is interesting to see which bugs and plants thrive in the urban environment in which I live.

In contrast, I attend a school that is surrounded by forests, hiking trails, and open fields. I like to keep track of the plants there, and collect the bugs I find on those plants.

If you think I have got an ID wrong, do not hesitate to tell me. If there is an observation you want me to see, please tag it.

This is my year in review for 2021.

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