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While living and working outside my home country of the U.S.A.--years spent mainly in Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines (Mindanao)--I encountered many beautiful and marvelous creatures, of which I particularly fell in love with moths, butterflies, reef fish, and birds. I have since found great pleasure in documenting on iNat those I photographed, as well as what I'm finding at my current abode, California. Figuring out an organism's species is half the fun of having seen it, and sharing that data with fellow enthusiasts and the scientific community makes the experience even more satisfying!

Thanks to all who have helped identify my observations. I welcome corrections to any mistaken IDs.

Feel free to tag me on any taxa I seem qualified to identify. My current iNat specialty is moths of New Guinea, plus some moth taxa from throughout Oceania and Asia (e.g. Asian crambids), and a handful from the U.S. I often just ID to genus, since for many countries it's hard to find out what species are present, and because I can help more people that way. I also do "generalist" insect IDs and work on a few other taxa. If you want to know what I frequently identify, you can find that at

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