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A huge thank you to all of you amazing people who take the time to identify people's observations. As someone with very little experience, I am grateful for the help from experienced people on this platform.

My personal project is to link up Australian native plants to the species that pollinate them. So you will see observations of the same pollinator species, but on different plants.

For anyone interested in joining me, please add: "Interaction->visited flower of", or "Interaction-visited plant" in your observation fields as this can help researchers get a clearer picture of plant and visitor relationships.

If a species is a generalist pollinator I still think it is helpful from a plant research perspective to know which species pollinates that particular plant.

Some examples of the connection between plants and their visitors that I have started to document (it's not an exhaustive list, it's just a start... I plan to build on these observations as time goes on):

  • Melaleuca quinquenervia (cultivated):

  • Kunzea ambigua (wild):

  • Leptospermum polygalifolium (wild):

  • Cassinia aureonitens (wild)

  • Senna barronfieldii (cultivated):

I will likely make mistakes. I always welcome feedback, so if you have any please send me a PM to help improve the way I do things.

It is possible I have not applied the correct i.d. to each species, so please feel free to correct me or provide further info. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist remain on the site after my death.

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