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I am just a beginner. Very little experience. I just really enjoy nature and would like to contribute to citizen science.

My personal project is to link up Australian native plants to the species that pollinate them. So you will see observations of the same pollinator species, but on different plants.

I'm still learning how to properly use iNaturalist, so may make mistakes or do things that might frustrate identifiers. I want to know how to provide observations in the best possible way to assist identifiers and scientists. If you see me making rookie errors, please send me a PM to help improve the way I do things.

It is possible I have not applied the correct i.d. to each species, so please feel free to correct me or provide further info. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

To all of you experienced people who work on IDs, thank you for your excellent work. I am truly in awe of you!

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