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Plants are cool. Fungi are weird - and cool. Birds are pretty groovy too.

I'm a digital product designer by trade. If you've seen the new iNaturalist NZ landing page, I might have had something to do with it. =)

A while ago (2019) I embarked on a new journey and took a diploma in Applied Science at Lincoln University, focusing mostly on ecology. That's how I discovered iNaturalist! At Lincoln, I did a research project that compared different methods used for bird detection, including automated audio recorders. That meant hours of looking at spectrograms - and weirdly, I sort of enjoyed it! I got to see all sorts of exciting things and shared some of them here. It's great that the iNat community (you!) has helped me identify dubious bird calls. How cool is that?
In case you're interested, here are the results:

Because randomness is the spice of life, I also spent the summer of 2020 recording the sounds of native birds all around Christchurch. This involved carrying a satellite dish (ahem, parabolic microphone) around and pointing it at birds.

In 2021 I worked on something cool called KiwiViz, an interactive visualisation that lets you discover what kiwi do in the shadows: see how far they roam, hear how often they call and uncover who they are interacting with.

The visualisation was expanded in 2022, and includes some of the grey warbler calls I collected in 2020:

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