Ryan Blankenship

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I am a Certified Wildlife Biologist® at Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting Inc., a WBE/DBE/HUB firm established in September 2007. A background in wildlife conservation and management contributes to my understanding of a range of assessments and surveys, including but not limited to species habitat assessments, threatened and endangered species surveys, migratory bird treaty act compliance, wetland delineations, Section 10/401/402/404/408 permitting and compliance, and NEPA compliance.

I currently serve as the North Region Natural Resource Manager, a Senior Wildlife Biologist, and DFW Metroplex Office Manager at CMEC. I have worked on local, state and federal environmental permit applications for roadway infrastructure, residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, utility scale, and renewable development projects. He has participated in USFWS, USACE, TCEQ, EPA, TPWD, ODWC, ODEQ, and USDA RUS coordination on projects across TX, OK, NM, MS, MO, AR, and KS.

I am also a USFWS permitted biologist for the Interior Least Tern, Northern long-eared bat, Ozark big-eared bat, Gray bat, Neosho mucket, rabbitsfoot mussel, scaleshell mussel, Ouchita rock pocketbook, and winged mapleleaf (TE168185-6). Additionally, I am listed as a sub-permittee under CMEC’s TPWD Scientific Research Permit (SPR-0691-409) and hold a Scientific Collector’s Permit (5353718) with ODWC for mussel and bat species in the state of Oklahoma. I have received pre-exposure rabies vaccinations for handling live bats (2016) and has experience working in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Kansas with native bat species while deploying mist nets, harp traps, acoustic monitors and conducting bridge and structure surveys for over 200-survey hours. During my work, I have caught, handled, or collected data on thousands of roosting and foraging bats of 11 distinct species.

I am currently the lead contributor and Project Administrator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Freshwater Mussels of Texas Project and the creator and administrator of the Freshwater Mussels of Oklahoma Project. I have extensive experience with the means, methods, and equipment needed to conduct freshwater mussel surveys include safe handling protocols and aquatic invasive drain/dry protocols. My freshwater mussel experience includes surveys and relocation efforts throughout Texas and Oklahoma. I have accrued hundreds of survey hours for freshwater mussels and maintains CMEC's private educational collection of over 50 species and 600+ specimens of mussel valves.

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