Ryan Shaw

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As a kid I picked up an interest in nature and wildlife during summer break visits to my grandparent's house in northwest Arkansas on Beaver Lake. Here I spent my summers waterskiing and fishing for bass, catfish and trout. The bird feeders that were out in the yard combined with a copy of the National Geographic Field Guide to North American Birds from the 1980s fostered my interest in identifying the birds visiting the yard, and 8 year old me started taking this desire to identify birds further and further into the field.

Outside of summers spent in NW Arkansas, I grew up in western Washington. where I spent most of my free time birding over most parts of the state. I would intermittently get into looking at other flying creatures, mainly butterflies and would photograph what I could while out in the field still primarily targeting birds.

In April of 2014 I moved to west Texas living in the town of Big Spring for a year before moving to Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, in April of 2015 where I currently reside.

While still primarily a birder, I am getting more and more enjoyment going out in the field observing and photographing other wildlife, stlll primarily the flying creatures in Leps and Odes.

I am very green with my identifications of creatures other than birds, so very much appreciate the iNat community helping ensure what I have documented gets accurately identified and appreciate when those people take their time in explaining how they are basing their identification.

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