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Undergraduate, in pursuit of Bachelor of Science.
Although I love Entomology in general, I have a particular interest in Lepidopteran insects. I especially love caterpillars.

  • I usually favourite observations that are unidentified, my favourites page contains unidentified moths along with my usual favourites.
  • I can't see any mentions on my feed very well, if I make a mistake with annotations I'd recommend messaging me about it.
  • I often separate observations to allow appropriate annotations.


  • "rattyexploresraise" for rearing observations
  • "arthropodlabel" for helping me find unidentified specimens labelled as "arthropod" again
  • "unknownstructures" for unknown caterpillar constructs (BAGWORMS EXCLUDED)

*Profile picture is a screenshot from Disney's Lady and the Tramp

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