Patrascu Lucian

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Studied Environmental science; worked some years as field technician focusing on large carnivores (bear, wolf, lynx); had to change direction a bit, now I deal with GIS, databases and other more boring and tedious things like management plans, reports, etc. From time to time I still go out in the field, usually in protected areas, to gather informations with drones, hand-held cameras, thermal cameras, audio recorders and trail cameras.

Sometimes I'll have a tele on my camera so I'll do birds and other times I'll have the 100 mm macro and I'll do Lepidoptera, Coleoptera or others. I love them all but it's impossible to multitask. I do my best.
All my observatios are public domain (CC0). Release yours, too. Or else.
If anyone wishes to use any of my photos, I am quite happy to allow it. Just contact me with the details of how you will use it and ensure that I am credited.

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