Pinnacles National Park

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Pinnacles National Park is located in the Inner Coast Range of Central California, in San Benito and Monterey counties. It is most famous for its rock formations, caves, wildflowers, and condors. But many people have discovered that the more time they spend getting to know this place, the more there is to love about it!

Observations posted under this iNaturalist account were made at Pinnacles National Park by on-duty NPS employees, interns, volunteers, cooperators, and so on. These observations reflect the depth and breadth of the work we do to preserve and protect this national treasure for the enjoyment of future generations. Many of us also use our personal accounts to post observations we make while exploring Pinnacles on our own time.

If you have natural history observations you would like to share with Pinnacles National Park staff, please post them under your own iNaturalist account. We regularly review observations to help us better understand the biodiversity here. Thank you for helping take care of your national park by sharing your Pinnacles natural history observations with us!

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