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I am very, very fortunate to have my own little piece of Texas. Having looked forward for years to living on land, we now have acreage and I am happily committed to documenting many of the species of everything I find on it. My favorites are hard to choose - reptiles, butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, birds, plants, pretty arthropods? I have always loved nature for as long as I can remember. All of it is exciting and valuable and I love lengthening my list of denizens of the acreage.

My goals include becoming knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna here, especially in discerning the native from non-native, from invasive non-native. I would love to eliminate or greatly reduce the invasives and create a pocket prairie, and small woodland habitat, and permanent and temporary wetlands habitat. I also like to take some of the land for horticulture of flowers, foliage and edibles, even if some of these are not native. I am hoping to find and grow the more unusual plants native and non that are rarely seen in yards, and also those that support butterflies, birds and other wildlife.

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