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🙏🙏🙏🤠🤠🤠Hello !!!🤠🤠🤠🙏🙏🙏

First,I'll tell somethings about me.😃I'm Pasindu Dilshan and I'm a 17 years old school boy.I'm from Sri Lanka.I love ecology.I do selfstudies about herpetology and also have a keen interest about malacology too.I love to observe all kinds of fantastic creatures and I love to be with nature. I'm a herpetology enthusiast and a junior lab assistant.I'm a junior first aider in Sri Lanka Red Cross Society(SLRCS🚑).I participated 'the Geckos And National Heroes' event that organized by BEEZ of Colombo University and that's where I started my career in ecology field.

As a citizen scientist ,I really happy about myself bcz, it's the one and only way to be a real NATURE LOVER.I love travelling ,hiking and wildlife photography.iNaturalist is like my hobby.I love to give ids for snakes (specially in Sri Lanka)I used my phones (Huwaei Y9,Huawei GR3)to take photos and now(12.12.2020)use a NIKON P950 to take photos.I usually observe around my home garden.If anyone likes to observe with me in Sri Lanka,please try to contact me(Bcz,I love to observe nature with others.It helps me to make contacts in this field a lot).I want to protect environment and that's why I joined iNaturalist.

One of my observation was selected as "THE OBSERVATION OF THE DAY "( click the link - )🙂🙂🙂🙂

Thanks!Let's protect mothernature!😃🤠😎

For the beginners ,first it's better to watch this video tutorials 🙂👌

( , , ) and when you getting photos of animals,please always try to get clear and focus photos(It helps to make the ids by their colour patterns and other things.This video has three tips for it---- ) When you take photos of dead animals like mantises ,try to gather all the detail photos like in this observation ( ).It helps us to learn a lot of things.

And if you want to share your knowledge or make new friends and explore the world with iNat users,it's better to join the unofficial iNaturalist discord server.It's a very better thing for iNat users and we can share and learn a lot of things by using the discord server.So,I would like to invite you to the unofficial iNaturalist discord server 🤗🤗🤗🤗(This is the link to the discord project- ) (This is the link to the discord server - )

For IDs and details.Feel free to @ me or message me.🤗😃👌

🤝👩‍🎓🤝So good luck for a better future!!!!🤝🧗🤝


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