Jakob Mueller

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I am a naturalist and conservationist currently based in eastern Ontario, Canada.

Many of my special interests revolve around the current and historic distribution of species and ecosystems, and how these have changed as a result of modern anthropogenic factors, including:
-determining the true limits of reptile and amphibian distributions, especially where field data or search effort has been lacking;
-disjunct populations of anything;
-the historical extent and composition of open habitats of eastern North America: prairies, oak savannas, pine barrens, and related ecosystems;
-the historical extent and composition of the “Carolinian” flora (the Deciduous Forest Region) in southern Ontario, especially pockets of this in southeastern Ontario;

Herpetology and botany are my strengths, but I am constantly striving to learn more and improve my field skills with a variety of taxa. Constructive criticism is welcome! Also, for some reason, I don’t seem to see most “tags” on observations, so if I haven’t circled back to something, send me a message!

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