Luis Urena

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Hi, I am Luis Urena, director of a Panamanian and UK charity dedicated to supporting & developing biodiversity conservation projects in Panama. We are proud to have fantastic combination of scientists, conservationist and volunteers working together to protect highly biodiverse areas of Panama. Our projects started in 2014 in response to the need for urgent scientific data on threatened species across Panama. PWCC has been supporting/developing high-priority biodiversity conservation activities by creating new opportunities for Panamanian early career biologists & conservationists who are passionate about the protection of Panama’s biodiversity in places where capacity and access to resources is limited such as the province of Veraguas. Our projects have been developed with top organisations form the US, UK and Europe and generated scientific information about the rich biodiversity of this country. Our initiatives have included: development of field research activities, publishing valuable scientific data, promoting citizen-science in communities near protected areas, and local outreach in schools and communities, and now Planting native trees: LEAF - Trees for wildlife.
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