Jessica West

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Hi there! I'm a biologist and Master's student and I currently call Ventura County home. I love the incredible diversity of California’s flora and fauna and have a particular interest in human-wildlife conflict resolution, urban wildlife ecology, and the Human Dimensions of wildlife management. I'm currently working part-time as a Scientific Aid with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) supporting human dimensions research projects and response to human-wildlife conflicts and related issues throughout the state.

As of Fall of 2021, I am working towards my Master's in Environmental Science and Management with the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara. I obtained my B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Humboldt State University and A.S. from Moorpark College, and I'm also a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training and Management “EATM” program.

I have conducted field work throughout California with professional experience in biological consultation, zookeeping, habitat restoration, wildlife camera trapping, public education and outreach, skeleton articulation and bone cleaning, and general outdoor and survival skills. I'm especially interested in American black bears having spent a summer in Yosemite National Park working with the Bear Management Team, as well as assisting in a black bear genetics study for CDFW in the Angeles National Forest.

Please check out the "Bears of Southern California" project that I created and manage:

For more of my professional background:

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