Serena Kovalosky

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I am a contemporary sculptor whose work is rooted in the organic form with an ecological ethos that explores how the natural world can inform our comprehension of the interrelatedness of all things.

In 2020 I began an exploration of native NY species of plants and wildflowers on my property, located in a small rural village in upstate New York, by allowing a few of the “weeds” in my lawn and garden to mature. By summer I discovered wild strawberries, fleabane, red clover, apple mint, wood asters, brown-eyed Susans and more. I also noticed an increase in bumblebees, dragonflies and monarch butterflies.

In 2022 I started taking a more detailed inventory of these plants. I joined iNaturalist to help with identification of my observations and discovered over 40 species in my first season. This prompted a multi-year project of turning my backyard into a biodynamic eco-garden, which also informs my artistic explorations into the interconnectivity of nature for my sculptural work.

For more information on my Eco-Garden Project, visit:

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