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I am an avid fisherman who has gone through many fishing phases in my life. I grew up fishing the Erie-Huron Corridor and my first fishing love started with muskie. As I got older I started to diversify my fishing habits, as I became more interested in other game fish such as walleye and lake trout. However, when I started keeping track of all the species I had caught, I realized that there was a whole world of fishing of which I hadn't scratched the surface. I now spend much time (attempting) to microfish for species I can barely ID and adding any new fish I can to my life list. I liken the whole thing a lot to Pokemon, where I am quite literally on a quest to catch them all. Although I do spend a lot of time targeting nongame fish now, I am always honing my walleye and steelhead game.

Because of my love for fish and fishing, I upload a lot of the stuff I catch to this site. I also like to use iNaturalist to scope out potential spots for new species, particularly microfish which are underrepresented in traditional fisheries surveys.

I prefer to keep my online presence as lowkey as possible. I have occasionally changed my username and display name and I apologize if this causes confusion.

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