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I am the Preserve Manager/Ecologist for the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust (NJNLT). The Trust is an '...in but not of agency of NJDEP..." based within the Div of NJ Parks and Forestry's Office of Natural Lands Management (ONLM).

The Trust manages over 130 Preserves across New Jersey with a focus on the protection and management of endangered and threatened plants, animals, and natural communities. Over 35,000 acres are protected by the Trust.

A native of NJ I grew up in Parsippany. I have a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Arkansas Tech University. In my early career i described myself as "the Nomadic Biologist" having worked various conservation jobs in Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina. I have been the Preserve Manager for the Trust for 30+ years. Starting my NJDEP career in 1991 as a dead deer picker upper. I also worked as a Zoologist for NJ Div F&W with ENSP.

Welcome, and please join me using iNaturalist to document nature discovered on each of the 130 Natural Lands Trust Preserve all across NJ.

Martin Rapp

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