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I'm a sophomore at San Diego State University that recently gained an interest in plant ecology and taxonomy.

Everything I know is self-taught using books like the Jepson Manual, Botany in a Day, Flora of North America, Native Shrubs of Southern California, Introduction to the Plant Life of Southern California, and Plants of the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. My personal favorite right now is Wildflowers of Orange County and the Santa Ana Mountains by Fred M. Roberts and Robert L. Allen.

I spent this summer volunteering at the Santa Rosa Platea Reserve and I currently volunteer at the herbarium at the San Diego Natural History Museum, as well as the SDSU herbarium.

I'm a member of CNPS and the San Diego Botanic Society (SDBS).

I typically hike alone and enjoy exploring unmarked locations and areas that get less attention on inat. I love finding and documenting rare natives, with some of my favorites being manzanitas and brodiaeas.

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