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My primary interests are butterflies, caterpillars, milkweeds, birds, insects of the milkweed ecosystem, and host and nectar plants. I live in the country on acreage with diverse natural surroundings. My yard is a certified Monarch Watch Waystation. I have a particular interest in native milkweeds in my ecoregion with years of experience identifying Zizotes and Green Antelopehorn milkweeds (a.Viridis) in my area. I have been successfully propagating native milkweeds since 2019, and teaching others how to grow using The Monarch Gateway Milkweed Sprout Harvesting Propagation Method developed by Barbara Willy. I created a regional Facebook group called Joys Of Butterfly Gardening SE Texas, and also serve as an administrator of Monarchs and Milkweed Network, Houston Texas area.

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