Mavis Kerr

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Grew up in rural Carolinian Ontario with naturalist/farmer parents. Kent County Nature Club was an early influence. A Biology degree led to being canoe trip leader and naturalist for many years in my youth. Went back for a course at U of T in Botany of Ontario. It was wonderful to organize my field knowledge into conventional taxonomy. Plants are clearly my addiction (they don't fly away).

I Have lived in Waterloo County for over 35 years now and am naturalizing my few hectares along the Nith River with native species. My ornamental gardening is out of control with more perennial beds than I can maintain so I claim that the chaos is my "natural" style. I say that my goal is to make it look like it "just happened". Neither my gardens nor my hands are manicured.

I have found this app really great for identifying plants when in a foreign or unfamiliar ecosystem. Recently travelled in Ireland and agreed to do a slide show for the local Horticultural society and it has helped me identify the wild flowers.

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