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Chemist, Christian, fan of Hoverflies and Flutterflies, Orthoptera and Myriapods, keen to expand his range.

At Christmas 2020 I realised that Eristalis was by far the ID-neediest group in the hoverflies, and since then I've paid it particular attention, so feel free to tag me in on them from anywhere. I'll also look at other hoverflies and flutterflies (Pallopteridae) from anywhere in the world - but the groups I'm most likely to be able to help with outside the UK are the Eristalina genera, Volucella, various other hoverflies and the Pallopterids. I'm no good at other Diptera families (yet)! For Myriapods and Orthoptera I'm pretty much limited to my native UK. I've also recently built a moth trap, so I'm posting lots of moths: this should not be taken as an indication that I know anything about them (Absolute beginner)!

I've started using the journal feature, so in case there's anything of interest there's an index here. It includes some keys, taxonomic bits and bobs, and random thoughts.

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