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"The Order of Fungi is still Chaos, a Scandal of Art, no Botanist knowing what is a Species and what is a Variety." - Carlus Linnaeus, 1751

I'm passionate about everything fungal and fungi-like and have acquired a bit of knowledge about mushrooms, plants and plant parasitic fungi in the last couple of years. Since autumn 2020 I give guided mushroom tours, for instance for the Environment Agency Gießen (Umweltamt Gießen) and the Green Office of the Technical College of Central Hesse (THM Green Office), and since 2022 I am also studying biology in Marburg to deepen my knowledge and understanding of nature.

My main emphasis is mapping fungal and, to a lesser extend, floral diversity in and around the Central German cities of Gießen and Marburg. I also enjoy helping other European mycophiles to validate their mushroom obervations to the best of my abilities. You can link me anytime to European fungi observations and if I can, I will help you to identify them. I am fluent in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. I also understand written Italian and a tiny bit of French. Please use one of those languages (preferably English, so everybody can read along) to communicate with me.

We want the data on this site to be as useful and correct as possible, which means that species level identifications are always sensu stricto. Unfortunately, for the identification of an increasing number of fungal species it is necessary to use a microscope or even to sequence the specimen. Don't forget that you can set a genus level identification to "as good as it gets". When you do this, it will still get research grade and contribute to the scientific data collected by this site.

If you know something I don't: please tell me, we're all learning, and I prefer being corrected instead of being wrong. If possible, don't forget to provide a credible source, preferably scientific, so I can check for myself. If you don't have access to a paper I've linked or feel unable to engage with it, just write me a PM, so I can provide you with a similar source, answer your questions about the paper or find a different way to get the information across.

Feel free to use my pictures however you want, even though most of them (but not all!) look like garbage. And while you're at it, maybe take a look at my journal. Though there are currently only very few and very specific entries, they may nonetheless provide you with some help for your identifications.

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