Eoghan Irwin

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Highschool herper and self-taught photographer; snakes are my passion and I'm getting interested in salamanders, but a herp is a herp. Especially interested in kings, indigos, taxonomy (and thus especially interested with the issue of Lampropeltis getulus complex taxonomy, and with the Gulf Coast "kolpobasileus" lineage of Drymarchon couperi). I'm always trying to learn more about taxonomy, if I make a mistake please politely let me know lol. Tag me if you need help ID’ing snakes in Florida or the Southeast; I'm trying to improve with ID'ing in other areas (and iNat has been invaluable in doing so); in the US I'm decent at ID'ing most species except for Pacific Thamnophis.

2024 Year In Review

My HerpMapper account:

NOTE: I always try to ID to the subspecies so long as there isn't a clear possibility that the subspecies in that instance doesn't warrant recognition (especially Diadophis punctatus complex, Coluber constrictor complex, and Thamnophis sirtalis complex). WHEN SUBSPECIES ARE NOT CONTENDED PLEASE USE THEM. For example it's much more scientific and descriptive to ID a Western Mudsnake to the subspecies since it has distinctively different morphology from the Eastern Mudsnake.

2024 iNat goals:
-Attempt to have at least one verifiable observation per day

-To reach 1100 observations

-To reach 30 snake species on iNat life list (not necessarily lifers, just firsts for me on iNat), add at least 15 new-for-me-on-iNat herps, and add at least five lifer herps

-To better document more common species (my goal is 50 observations each of tropical house geckos, cuban treefrogs, greenhouse frogs, brown anoles, and racers)

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