Mary Curry

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There is no more beautiful area than North Texas. The LBJ National Grasslands is one of my favorite places. I started looking at birds and my interest has grown to everything in nature.

I have conducted plant, bird, Frosted Elfin, and GIS mapping surveys as a volunteer and contractor with the U.S. Forest Service on the LBJ/Caddo National Grasslands. I founded monthly “First Wednesday” nature walks at the LBJ National Grasslands in 2004, which still continues today.

I was joint recipient of the National Grasslands Prairie Partner Award in 2003 and a recipient of the Carroll Abbott Memorial Award in 2016 by the Native Plant Society of Texas for my book, North Central Texas Wildflowers. Shirley Lusk ( was my botany mentor. You can download a free updated pdf of my book from my daily nature blog, Looking out in North Texas. (

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