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Biochemist, teacher, birdwatcher, novice native plant enthusiast. Based in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. I'm learning a lot from the folks on this site and their observations.

One year later update: Above is still true. I generally help identify things on this site, but I am not generally an expert. I am an empiricist at heart, and so I usually have to watch/touch/smell a species in real life to start becoming an expert.

Update 2.5 years: Above is still true. By now I consider myself a generalist with developing special interests (such as slime molds; arthropod and fungal plant galls; eventually bryophytes and maybe ascomycota?). With respect to identifications, my developing specialty is "general weird stuff."

I am familiar with many of these and want to/can probably expand my knowledge:

I am familiar with tiny subsets of these and want to/can probably expand my knowledge:
-land-based plants including mosses
-fungi including gall-formers and ascomycetes
-slime molds
-assorted land-based arthropods including gall-formers

I am not very familiar with large swaths of these and may not have good (read: empirical) opportunity to expand my knowledge near term:
-"sea life"
-"freshwater life"
-gastropods in general
-assorted other arthropods
-other microorganisms

Update 3 years:
Above still true, and currently using iNat as a big part of course materials at "LD University" as I progress leisurely in my DIY degree in biology. (My IRL degrees are in chemistry.)

If you are similarly interested in DIY education, I highly recommend Saundra McGuire's book for undergrads, . The underlying strategies are fully applicable outside of a formal university setting. Also in the courses I teach IRL, emphasizing spaced practice has been a game-changer and I use it for myself. Example description

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