Rob Ferber

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Sangoma trained by Gogo Nomzimane outside of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. I am working on developing cultivation methods for Muthi and training interested people, Sangoma or other.

Erratic farmer and wild seed collector, generally in California but wandering widely (at least in non-pandemic times). Specialist in growing winter-growing petaloid monocots, extra points if they are geophytes. Formerly an actual Botanist, specialist in seed long term storage and inventor of many seed cleaning machines. Based in Woodside, Los Angeles, and northern South Africa.

Groups of bulbs that are of special interest are Calochortus, Brunsvigia, Allium (Californian), Fritillaria, and lots of other genera along these lines. I've flowered Brunsvigia species from seed (yes, it requires lots of patience).

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